• Aristotle's Ethics and Bentham's Principle of Utility

    A paper outlining the points of views of two philosophers on Aristotelian Ethics as portrayed in "Nicomachean Ethics" and Bentham's "Principle Of Utility"

    This paper the best essay writing service briefly examines each philosopher's views on ethics individually. It then proceeds to compare these views with each other and looks on what these theories are based. Concepts examined are happiness, truth, pleasure, wealth, honor and justice.

    Aristotle agreed with the Platonic view that the soul consists of its rational and irrational components, and that the excellences or virtues pertaining to the two parts are the intellectual and the moral. The irrational part he further divided into the vegetative [or https://essaylab.com/buy_college_essays biological] functions and the appetitive [or desires] that may be partly rational.

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