• An overview of President Lyndon B. Johnson' programs to fight the war on poverty with a focus on African-Americans.

    This paper examines how these Great Society programs and President Johnson's "War on Poverty" affected the status of African-American citizens. It looks at the goals and contents of programs such as Medicare, the Office of Economic Opportunity and the Job Corps. It also discusses whether these programs were effective or not in improving the lives of African-American citizens. Outline African-Americans in the 1960s War on Poverty Policies Alternative Responses

    The War on Poverty had two types of federal programs. Johnson first called for economic programs best experience essay to provide a base for the War on Poverty. This meant prioritizing growth-oriented industries such as manufacturing and construction. It was hoped that such growth industries would industries would stimulate growth in the private sector as well and would generate new jobs. The higher levels of economic growth were also expected to reduce other economic problems, such as unemployment and lower consumer purchasing power.

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  • A comparison of Mary Shelley's character Victor Frankenstein with the Greek God Prometheus.

    This paper examines Mary Shelley's Gothic tale "Frankenstein Or, The Modern Prometheus", published in 1818, in which the main character, Victor https://essaylab.com/make_an_essay_for_me Frankenstein, a young student steeped write an essay that best describes you in the mysteries of science, describes his explorations into the unknown through his obsession to create life from the dead which produces a monster of great size and strength bent on nothing but revenge. In particular, it looks at why Shelley included "The Modern Prometheus" as part of her title for the novel and how it is clear that she was attempting to compare Victor Frankenstein with Prometheus, the Greek god who breathed life into man and brought fire to earth after stealing it from Mount Olympus.

    Not surprisingly, the future husband of Mary Godwin, being the great English poet and rebel Percy Bysshe Shelley, wrote a very long lyrical poem in 1820 (two years after the publication of Frankenstein) called Prometheus Unbound" which explores Prometheus's relationship with Earth, his mother, Asia, his wife and Jupiter (Zeus), the King of the Gods. In this poem, Prometheus is described as being bound to a rocky cliff by Jupiter for his misdeeds against the gods. And while chained and powerless, Prometheus is tortured by an eagle that eats his liver on a daily basis, but the liver always grows back which allows the cycle to go on for eternity. Perhaps, since Percy Shelley allegedly aided in the writing of Frankenstein, he may have been attempting to allegorize the ever-growing liver as a symbol of the Monster's immortality, meaning that the Monster, like Prometheus's liver, can never die and is eternally damned."

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  • A review of the novel highlighting the difficulties faced by Asian immigrants to America.

    The paper asserts that the main theme of the novel is cross-cultural barriers and problems faced by immigrants in America. The paper discusses the psychological causes underlying the difficulties that immigrants, especially from Eastern how to write an essay about myself for college countries, experience in integrating into a new society. The paper explains that while Western immigrants accept their new culture and assimilate relatively easily, Eastern immigrants resist assimilation. The paper summarizes the book and analyzes the cross-cultural miscommunication demonstrated by the family disagreeing with the established medical community as to the true nature of their child's illness and its causes. 

    'The Spirit Catches you and you fall down' is an extraordinary piece of writing in which various issues have been woven together in the style of https://essaylab.com/cheap_essays investigative journalism by the editor of the 'American Scholar', Anne Fadiman. The story revolves around issues of cross-cultural medical practices and miscommunication that often leads to tragic circumstances.

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  • Analayis of Shakespeare's play, "Richard III" and how the main character is able to win over the hearts and minds of the audience in spite of his evil nature.

    This paper describes the four techniques used by Richard, in William Shakespeare's play, "Richard III", in order to win the love of the audience. Eliciting the audience's sympathy and then their collaboration and Richard's ability to charm and manipulate the audience are each cited as techniques used by Richard in order to gain the audience's devotion.

    One of Shakespeare's most memorable characters is a villain who will always be remembered for his outstanding intelligence, political intensity, and incredible language skill. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, a devilish man, who murders anyone who stands in his way, even innocent people. We ask ourselves how could anybody with a hypocritical, and deceiving nature win the hearts of the audience of so many generations: for at-least https://essaylab.com/pay_for_papers_written most part of the play. It is agreed then that normally one such a person would horrify and disgust one and all. However, Richard (I stress not King Richard) which will be clarified by the end of this essay; mesmerizes his audience with sly skill. He captures sympathy in his audience by convincing them that his physical deformities should excuse him of committing evil crimes. His alluring use of language is like a spell that write essay for me cheap is cast over the audience and sustained from the beginning of the play until Act IV. Richard is then able to charm his audience into a partnership of evil and corrupt manipulation. Moreover, Richard, distinguishable than any other villain, and deserves his title because of the four most vital techniques that he uses: through these techniques he is able to win the love of the audience. There are four specific techniques that are used by Richard, which will be explained in-order of importance throughout the essay. The key idea is that each technique adds to, enhances, and strengthens the effect of the situations and outcomes- to whoever is participating in the play (audience, characters etc.).

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  • A case study of China's fine porcelain industry.


    This paper examines how in Jingdezhen, China, fine porcelain has been manufactured for 2,000 years and how, today, for the porcelain manufacturers of paperbag writer lyrics Jingdezhen, competition has become so fierce that the innovators of the industry have now fallen by the wayside. In particular it looks at how one company Jiangdong Crystal-Color Art and Crafts Co. Ltd. (JCAC) has managed to become successful and how their success is based on a variety of current factors such as innovation and market positioning.

    From the Paper:

    "Regretfully, the state of the industry and the fierce competition has led Jingdezhen to produce substandard products in recent years. Their product now has a stigma attached to it. As opposed to the high quality of their ancestors, Jingdezhen porcelain is now known for inconsistency. This reputation will not be well received in the collector's market. To be appealing to a collector each piece must be of the highest quality, as they are looking at the work as a piece of art https://essaylab.com/dissertation-writing-service and oftentimes an investment. This reputation of inferior quality that the region has earned will be difficult to overcome."

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