• Rediscovering Market Niches in a Traditional Industry

    A case study of China's fine porcelain industry.


    This paper examines how in Jingdezhen, China, fine porcelain has been manufactured for 2,000 years and how, today, for the porcelain manufacturers of paperbag writer lyrics Jingdezhen, competition has become so fierce that the innovators of the industry have now fallen by the wayside. In particular it looks at how one company Jiangdong Crystal-Color Art and Crafts Co. Ltd. (JCAC) has managed to become successful and how their success is based on a variety of current factors such as innovation and market positioning.

    From the Paper:

    "Regretfully, the state of the industry and the fierce competition has led Jingdezhen to produce substandard products in recent years. Their product now has a stigma attached to it. As opposed to the high quality of their ancestors, Jingdezhen porcelain is now known for inconsistency. This reputation will not be well received in the collector's market. To be appealing to a collector each piece must be of the highest quality, as they are looking at the work as a piece of art https://essaylab.com/dissertation-writing-service and oftentimes an investment. This reputation of inferior quality that the region has earned will be difficult to overcome."

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